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Matthew Coney, Principal

Camelot Rise Primary School

Mardi has had an enormously positive impact on the quality of teaching at our school and in return the student learning outcomes.

Donna O'Brien

Westbourne Grammar School

Mardi’s influence on me as a teacher cannot be understated. Her knowledge and ability to impart wisdom has been a gift to me.

David Sutton, Principal

Maryborough Education Centre

Our leadership and staff highly regard Mardi’s literacy knowledge and expertise that is always backed by research and evidence.

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A Love For Reading

The Biggest Gift You Can Give Your Students – A LOVE for READING! Working in schools alongside teachers, teaching children to read, is an absolute pleasure. I am often asked, ‘What else could I be Read more…

Guided Reading

In my many years of experience working in schools, I have observed a range of well- researched instructional practices being unintentionally misinterpreted or slightly altered along the way. Guided Reading is one of those practices. Read more…

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