Classroom Libraries

Do you find yourself wondering how you can set up a classroom library that is the ‘hub’ of activity in your classroom? 

Classroom libraries should be the cornerstone of your classroom.  A place where your students gravitate to, ponder over what they like to read, and bookshop for what they want to take away.  When asked what a classroom library should look like, I find the easiest way to explain this is to say that it should look like the most beautiful and inviting children’s book store that you have ever entered.  After all, not unlike a bookstore, we are also trying to sell our books to our students!

Classroom libraries have a real purpose in a Reading Workshop. The availability of quality literature is key to engaging students during independent reading.  Students should have easy access to books they want to read – as their interests change, so should your library. Classroom libraries evolve throughout the year to reflect the change in your student’s interests.

In this online workshop, we will:

  • Consider the purpose of a classroom library, and why it is so important that it is the cornerstone of your classroom.
  • Look at what goes into the setting up of a classroom library, and how to ensure your students have ownership over their library.
  • Share practical ideas of how you can display books and highlight different titles, authors, and series.
  • Consider what we can do in our classroom to encourage a love of reading in our students, that will stick with them for life.


Where:  Recorded Version (6 months access)
Date:  Available now (VIew in your own time)
Time: 60 min
Cost:  $35 + GST


Please note:

This session was recorded to make it convenient for all registered participants.  If you are interested in making a school booking email [email protected] for school rates.