Online learning is a mode of delivery that educators have become increasingly familiar with. Thrown in without a moment to think, teachers and leaders have shown they are flexible thinkers and learners and have taken learning online in their stride.

My experience in tailoring professional learning for teachers and leaders in a virtual world has been built up over many years of presenting online courses.

This approach supports tailored professional learning for teachers and leaders by enabling differentiated content and individualised approaches.

Online workshops can be designed to work for you.

The package of work can include:

  • Delivery of content face to face
  • Leading discussions and answering questions around content
  • Setting up collaborative discussion groups (small and large) among teachers
  • Providing individual or small group coaching
  • Providing pre or post professional reading
  • Facilitate a supportive and respectful learning space

My experience in facilitating online learning for schools has allowed me to blend in-school support, with ongoing professional learning online.

Regular contact provides teachers with the ongoing support they need to refine their knowledge and practice. For schools in regional or remote areas of the country, it allows access to high quality professional development which in some cases, may not otherwise be available.



Mardi, you are a truly inspiring educator who kept me thoroughly engaged for the duration of the day. I was able to walk away feeling reassured by aspects of my current practice while also gaining new tools to work with to further enhance Reading in the Year One area.


This was my first experience at an online PD and I found it to be wonderfully engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the breakout rooms with smaller groups where we were able to engage in rich discussion.

Classroom Teachers – St Francis Xavier Primary School.