Welcome fellow educators.

If you have found yourself here, I am thrilled you share my passion to provide the best literacy education for young learners in Australia, and across other English-speaking nations.

Let me tell you about myself.

Building from a love of literacy

I built this company after 30 years working as an educator, with the past 20 focused on literacy education for students, teachers and leaderships teams. It is my lived experience that seeded my passion for education, having seen the wonder that can occur with the best teaching, the most interesting ideas and blazing creativity.

I pursued opportunities firstly in Australia, then the UK and US, to give me a global perspective of what’s important in education and exposure to fresh thinking, contemporary knowledge and evidence-based best-practices.

Inspiring a love of literacy in others

Throughout my range of experience, from classroom teaching to education consultancy, I have developed deep content knowledge in literacy and now have the privilege of sharing this knowledge and experiences with fellow-educators.

I am genuinely driven by sparking interest and success in others, and my best moments are when a teacher makes contact after a workshop and writes: “Mardi, it works!” Or, when conferring with a young student who looks at you with newfound confidence and voices this: “You know I can make a text to world connection”, and then proceeds to do so.

Sharing the best literacy education

Currently I manage my own education consultancy company in Melbourne, focusing on building educators’ pedagogical knowledge and instructional practices in literacy.

This work takes me to many schools across Melbourne and regional Victoria, facilitating professional development for individual schools and school networks. I also facilitate several of the ‘Leading Literacy’ courses and LDAP (Literacy, Data and Assessment Practices) intakes for Bastow Institute of Education Leadership.

In 2014 – 2018, I was part of the original team that developed the University of Melbourne’s Network of Schools project, where we planned and presented professional learning seminars, led focus groups and supported schools in connecting research to the practicalities of school action planning and professional learning.

Giving to develop quality education

I am a Director on the Board for PETAA (Primary English Teaching Association of Australia), a role of which allows me to be part of developing quality professional learning content and resources for teachers across Australia.

I strongly believe that informed teachers and leaders are pivotal to driving a positive impact on student learning. It is my quest to provide quality professional learning that underpins great teaching and enables student learning to flourish.