Reader’s Notebook 

Deepening Comprehension through Authentic Response!

Do you find yourself wondering what else you need to be doing to get your students to deepen their understanding and response to reading? 

Teaching comprehension strategies are a means to an end.  Not an end in themselves.  Teaching comprehension strategies is not enough.  We need to teach our students to take the written word and construct meaning based on their own thoughts, knowledge and experiences.  When a reader understands a text at a deep and meaningful level, they think, they feel, they react and they respond authentically.

A Reader’s Notebook is an integral part of a reading workshop.  It is a place that students can deepen their ability to think, and write about their reading.  It is a place that students can authentically respond to how a text has made them think, feel, react and or respond.  Reader’s Notebooks reflect the reader and should be individualised to show this.


In this online workshop, we will:

  • Look at why teaching our students to connect to their thinking, feelings and reactions when reading is critical for a deeper level of comprehension.
  • Explore what ‘Reader’s Notebooks’ are, and how they can be used by the reader as a place to authentically respond.
  • Work through some practical ideas and strategies that you could use with your students to enhance your use of reader’s notebooks.


What: Access to the 3 x1 hour workshop recordings and all related readings and PDF files to complete the workshop.

When: Available Now! (You will have access to all resources up until December 2021)

Where: Once you purchase this PD, you will receive an email with a PDF with all information on how to access the recordings and all associated supporting documents to complete the workshops.

Time: 3 x 1 hour workshops (3hrs in total)

Cost:  $120 + GST